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April 6, 2008

triple double

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Yesterday, Ollie and Reid had pee-wee basketball.  Ollie even participated!  He ran up and down the court a few times and then wrestled with me for a while.  In the meantime, Reid picked up every possible rebound (shots by both teams), and every possible assist (passes — really, hand-offs — to both teams), and at least five or six baskets.  It was amazing!  He’s turning into one of those crazy kids that as a parent for the other team, you secretly despise…  except he’s also REALLY good at sharing (thus, the passes to both teams)!  It was really amazing watching him play yesterday.

After that we went to the Discovery Science Center (the Cube) to see bubblefest.  We’re members of the Cube, and I figured the bubbles part would be free to members.  I was mistaken, we didn’t see a single bubble.  But we did play with the gravity table for hours (Reid), and run through Clifford’s neighborhood delivering mail about 4,000 times (Ollie).  With twenty kids crowded around it, the atmosphere around the gravity table seems strangly like a Las Vegas roullette wheel, it’s pretty hilarious.

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