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March 25, 2007

LA invasion

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So we all went to Los Angeles yesterday where we played at the park (Shane’s Inspiration, I think the area is called), then ate at Philip’s (not sure I spelled that right), and then played at the park some more (this time at Elysian park near the baseball stadium), while mommy and Aunt Nicholle shopped.  At the second park, we met Ace the Bunny Rabbit, who used to be Lacey the Bunny Rabbit, because Ace’s owner thought he was a lazy girl (turns out he was just a normally-motivated guy).  We weren’t allowed to touch Ace’s mouth, which led daddy to believe that we ought not be allowed to touch Ace at all, so we didn’t.  There was some protest at this, but eventually Ace was bustled away by his owner for a date with a slide (who knew bunnies liked slides? turns out they don’t).  We got home very late, for the boys, and they managed to sleep in quite a bit this morning, we’re only now even starting to get our day under way.

March 12, 2007

terrible, terrible accident!

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Whenever Ollie crashes something into something else, he shouts victoriously the following phrase: “terrible, terrible accident!” This has led my wife, today, to issue this edict: “people do not have terrible, terrible accidents!” No doubt she intended this command to protect my other son from what might appear to a casual observer to be blood-lust — crashing into things is, as we all know, just a gateway activity to crashing into people. And no doubt she did not intend the remark in irony. But to me, eavesdropping from the safety of my bedroom-office, the humor is unavoidable.

March 1, 2007


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Took the boys swimming tonight at the Y.  Reid likes to play in the pool with a life-jacket on; so we played chase a little bit and “walked” (hand over hand along the side of the pool) up and down the pool a little bit.  Then we played Humpty Dumpty (humpty-dumpty sat on a wall, one two three!) for a little while, while Beth and Ollie swam — Ollie with no life-jacket.  Ollie is able to take a breath while swimming now (sometimes) and is so comfortable in the water that he clearly never loses his cool.  They’re turning into excellent little swimmers.

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