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April 6, 2007


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The URL of my blog is ironic today; today I learned that you can never have the “just say ‘no'” chat with your children too soon.  Ollie got into a bag (yes, we now know why they make child-proof containers) of Advil tablets, and having just been introduced to M&Ms only yesterday, assumed they were the same thing; and immediately proceeded to act upon that assumption.

Beth was only a short hop from a hospital, where she and Ollie (and eventually I; the hospital was a forty-five minute drive away for me — I made it in thirty) spent the afternoon.  The funnest part of course, was having liquid charcoal spat and exhaled at me by my two-and-a-half-year-old son, as I held him motionless with all my might while two nurses worked to shove it down his throat and suffocate him into ingesting it.  A bit of advice for other parents facing the same choice:  if they offer to put a tube down your child’s throat, instead of wrestling with him for an hour, take the tube.

Take the tube.

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