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January 16, 2007

I, slacker

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I’ve been negligent in my posting the last couple of days.  Yesterday, I took off in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., but I have no excuse for other days.

My wife and I rarely wake up in time.  On the rare occasions we do wake up before them, showering and other morning distractions usually delay us enough that we hear them chattering on the monitor before we see them for ourselves.  In other words, both of us having relatively flexible schedules , the monitor is also our alarm clock — I told you it was handy.

This morning, Beth made it into the shower before the chattering started, so I had a chance to listen to them singing the “mommy….  daddy….” song for a little while before I joined them.  A pleasant wake-up this morning, no screaming, no whining, and apparently no egregious personal assaults (these include the taking of blankie, sitting upon your brother, or hugging him for way longer than he could ever possibly want a hug to last).

When I arrived in their room, though, I was greeted by a site I now know well.  Both beds were totally stripped: blankets, pillows, meow-meows,  Jeffs, and dinosaurs strewn about.  Upon seeing me, Ollie proudly announced, “I close it!” and ran to close an ominously-open bathroom door (all their doors have sophisticated, high-tech  security systems installed, so we must have left this one open last night. Fortunately, the bathroom itself seems not to have been visited with the same tsunami of destruction as their room.

After that, Reid and I threw Pluto around a bit, there were several choruses of “little bunny fu-fu” sung (their favorite verse of the Trout Fishing in America song “The Window”), and then Beth showed up to relieve me of duty.  On my way out, Ollie went out of his way to stop me to insist on a hug.  It was a good morning.

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