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January 11, 2007

morning reading

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They’re getting to be more patient with me reading to them.  They’re even getting better at not wrestling over the book as they both sit in my lap with it.  So this morning, I read to them some nursery rhymes.  Humorous:  to them, Humpty Dumpty is a chant one sings before jumping into a swimming pool:

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall,

And then, after what used to be trepidation, and now is a gleeful scream, everyone jumps into the pool and swims to mommy.  Even Humpty Dumpty himself, when read about in the nursery rhyme, must swim to mommy.  More humor:  I spent too much time in their earlier childhood teaching the boys how to make noises with things.  Rubbing their fingertips on the surface of one of these thick, laminated cardboard children’s books to make a farting noise is one of them, and Reid still does it every time this particular nursery-rhyme book is opened in front of him.

After I was done with them, they let mommy help them get dressed and went to the Y gymnasium for their gymnastics class, at the end of which they will acquire stamps (one stamp on the back of each hand, and a rolled stamp on each foot — rolled along the same path a flip-flop strap would take).  After that, they’ll be off to either the zoo or LEGOLAND with Ashley and Isabel.  This is the recipe for another 3-hour nap.

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